Work at height

What are coating inspections?

Rope access is a technology for working at high altitudes. The demand for specialists in this profile is explained by their mobility and their ability to work in locations that are inaccessible to lift installers.

Height work carried out in remote locations in support-free space, referred to as industrial mountaineering. The scope of this complex and life-threatening technology is very broad, from the provision of services for washing windows of high-rise buildings to the installation of cellular antennas. However, the main part of the demand is in construction: restoration of facades, installation of drainage systems, sealing of panel seams, etc.

The special feature of industrial hill climbing (promalp) is that specialists in this profile can get to their workplace with the help of special mountaineering equipment, without having to use support structures (scaffolding, aerial work platforms and construction kits). Movement, attachment and insurance in many ways comply with the principles of sports mountaineering.

Industrial mountaineering places special demands on the specialists in this profile: they must have good psychological training, since working at height in an unsupported room is a heavy burden. You need the ability of a cold-blooded assessment of the work situation, the ability to correctly calculate their strength and control every movement.

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